'Aoyama no Hana' Obi

  • This immaculately preserved 'Blue Mountain Flowers' vintage, heavy-silk, Fukuro Obi sash is absolutely breathtaking. This is the first time we've come across anything like it and we simply had to acquire it.

    Although the white, silvery grey and pale blues of the winter palate dominate there are echoes of autumn in the maple leaf motifs and and hints forward to spring blossoms making this a versatile seasonal piece for wearing or display.  The pattern is only on one side, the underside is plain grey, textured silk.

    Excellent Condition  - looks new apart from a couple of very minute age speckles

    While this stunning garment was made to wear - we highly recommend displaying it. Obi's look equally as wonderful as a table or sideboard runner as they do hung on a wall.

    Note - Please Read before purchase:

    As we take every measure to ensure you are advised of the correct sizing and condition prior to purchase - we ask you to please be aware that we don't refund for Obi chosen in error. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any queries before purchase.

    All vintage and antique obi were hand made.


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