Yonoike Bowl

Under the moonlight and stars the surface of the pond reflects the skies in its dark waters at night. The very dark burnished copper glaze of the interior of this beautiful bowl reminds us so of that scene when looking at it, such that we decide to name this piece 'Yonoike' or pond at night.

This handmade Japanese ceramic bowl has a perfectly applied metallic finish to its inner surface whilst the exterior is finished in two tones, raw chocolatey ceramic and a white gloss towards the base.

While it is the size of a typical rice bowl, don't you think it just screams out to be filled with booze splashed hot chocolate and lightly whipped cream?

Sophisticated and stylish - this bowl feels wonderful cupped in your hands.




12 cm diameter across the top

6 cm deep


Handle carefully. Do not put in the dishwasher or use in the microwave. 

*Price includes shipping in Australia

**International Shipping available

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