Unpitsu Moving Brush Bowls

Each of these two earthy Unpitsu, or brushstroke, bowls feature a single broad stroke in white upon a dark, faintly metallic background glaze - adding a grey tone to the finish. We think it evokes a scene of a potter mid exclamation - or perhaps something more akin to a comet and the mystery it brings - the interior texture of the bowls shows ribbing, spiralling towards the base - could it be a further message of sorts? A timely earthing after a period of activity?  Or perhaps we've lost the plot  completely... It doesn't matter - we dig it and you will too!

Cool to the touch, these handcrafted bowls come in two sizes and are priced individually as per below - but look great sitting together. 





Larger Bowl

Approx.13.0 cm in diameter across the top

8.0 cm tall

Smaller Bowl

Approx.11.0 cm in diameter across the top

7.0 cm tall


Handle carefully. Gentle Hand-washing recommended

**Price includes shipping in Australia  - for OS please see international sales page

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