Tamago Ao Miruku Cup

At Zenbu Home, some of our most popular pieces are those which feature the beautifully enticing milk glaze. Made famous in Japan through the highly regarded ceramics of Satsuma, Arita and the prized hagiyaki of Yamaguchi prefecture, this particular cup is even more unique and exquisite on two fronts.

Firstly, the delicious white glazing has been accentuated with a pale sparrow’s egg blue wash, after which it's named. Secondly, the piece itself was sourced from an artisan producer located on the islands of Okinawa known for more dramatic accents. This kind of restraint is quite unusual in the Japanese tropics. 

Make it yours as a beloved show piece or relish drinking from it as your chosen morning vessel.  But be quick...before it flies away!




Approx. 8.0 cm in diameter across the top

5.5 cm tall


Handle carefully. Gentle Hand-washing recommended

**Price includes shipping in Australia  - for OS please see international sales page

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