Koshoku Denim Cup

Sometimes while travelling in Japan, our attention is grabbed by such unique ceramic-ware that we simply cannot look away. This beautiful piece that we have named Koshoku or Faded, Denim is one good example.

Bearing a ribbed texture and blue-grey 'denim' colour, the cup is accentuated by touches of iron glaze which gives it a bronzed shimmer. We like to think of it as studs to our jeans-like cup. 

The interior of the cup reveals a beautiful gull shell crackle glaze which perfectly offsets the attractive denim coloured exterior. The feel of this cup is as organic and comfortable as all get out - just like your favourite old pair of blue jeans.  

Life's too short not to drink daily from a beautiful cup. Fill it with what you will. 




Approximately 7.5 cm in diameter
8 cm high 


Hand wash gently and air dry.

**Price includes shipping in Australia  - for OS please see international sales page

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