Hoshizora Bowl Duo

These stunning bowls reflect the beauty of the night sky and of the stars.  

'Hoshizora' in Japanese means starry sky and if you look closely you can see the clusters, galaxies and individual stars mirrored in the silvery metallic enamel on the inside of each of these beautiful bowls. The exterior of each resembles the night sky, dark and moody with a wonderful metallic finish and shimmering highlights. 

These elegant yet functional pieces would suit an intimate fine dining setting for two or a living room set for a party - think nibble bowls or bases for wide candles. Shadows and shine. 

These beautiful dishes are sold as a stylish set.




Each are approximately 15cm in diameter and 5cm deep


Handle carefully. Avoid the dishwasher. Don't heat.


*Price includes shipping in Australia

**International Shipping available

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