'Shiro Secchuka' Haori

  • 'White Daffodil's' cover this vintage black silk haori (short Kimono Jacket)- while most are presented in outline only - the blooms that glow white against the dark background are in fact made using the shibori (traditional tie-dye) technique and have a slight texture to them.

    There's a subtle 'light breeze and cloud' jacquard pattern in the background. The lining is golden floral silk.

    Generally in good condition but there is some age discolouration -more so on the lining but a little on the shibori flowers due to the slightly raised texture - mostly difficult to detect when worn or hung as wall textile art. There is a rust coloured stain on one of the shibori flowers on the right sleeve.

    The braided ties at the front are gold transitioning to teal ( a little less blue than the photo indicates).

    Note - Please Read before purchase:

    Kimono and Haori are generally made, for wearing on smaller framed, not too tall bodies - however if worn as an open jacket there is generally enough room in the sleeve area and in length to be worn by several sizes larger and taller than originally intended. However there is no guarantee it will sit perfectly on your body shape. Let's call it freestyle!

    As we take every measure to ensure you are advised of the correct sizing prior to purchase - we ask you to please be aware that we don't refund for garments chosen in error. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any queries regarding dimensions before purchase.

    All vintage and antique kimono and haori were hand made. Therefore you may see some loose, temporary stitches around edges of sleeves, hems and collars on our kimonos. These stitches, called shitsuke ito, are kept in place to assist the valuable kimono in retaining its shape and alignment. In Japan the stitches are normally removed before wearing then restitched again after cleaning and before storage, for the same reasons as above. We like the look of authenticity they bring so feel free to retain them if you like, or remove them before wearing.


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