Stylish Incense Holder + Japanese Incense Set

This rather handsome stainless steel incense holder looks great on any surface, traditional or contemporary - here we've placed it on a gorgeous antique plate for display purposes - sorry, it's not for sale!  

You can use whatever little dish you like - however you really don't need to use one at all in this instance because the ash is collected in the SS holder.

We just like to be able to mix up how we present our incense at home - it's as much a part of the decor and interior atmosphere as a vase of flowers or a piece of art as far as we are concerned. 

However... what is part of this particular 'set' is 1 box of 10 sticks of our favourite Japanese incense.  You can read more about how fabulous it is HERE. 

*Free shipping Australia-wide. 

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