'Miruku' Milk Glaze Ceramic Vase

When we first spotted this small hand-crafted vase, we were captivated by its soft milk-white glazing and multi-textured feel.

Although modern in design it borrows from traditional techniques honed by ceramic masters including brush-applied smooth white slip (wash) in the Hagiyaki style. It contains 'nest hole' pores inside. Fine wisps of deep mustard and grey base glaze peek through occasionally and the exposed, naked base clay is reddish brown - all adding light and shade. 

This artisan high-fired stoneware piece brings an ethereal elegance to any room whether displayed as an empty vessel, with a quiet but strong voice, or holding a single flower or sprig of green. 

Its 'milk' glaze over the less obvious earthy undertones show off both neutral foliage and brightly coloured flowers beautifully working in with almost any interior theme. 

Like most of our product - it is handmade and unique - we therefore have only one.




Approx. 4.0 cm in diameter across the top, 6.5 cm across bottom

12cm tall


Handle carefully. Do not put in the dishwasher. 

**Price includes shipping Australia-wide



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