Inari Kitsune (Fox) Bell

This white, clay Kitsune (fox) head is an Omamori fortune bell.

Inari Kitsune are the foxes famous for protecting the deity of Inari shinto shrines. This bell, which has a very mild clonking sound (imagine ceramic on ceramic) rather than a typical bell sound, would have originally been sold at one of the important Inari shrines around Japan. It was purchased in Nara but we believe it to be from the Fushimi Inari Shrine in Kyoto.  

Place it in the sunlight in your home for luck in business and health and hope for the best... at the very least know that it will look striking - particularly against a white or black background! 



Pre-loved,  showing a little mild age discolouration in parts.   There is Japanese writing on the back in red which has very much faded as you would expect. 


8cm wide from back of head to tip of nose and 8cm tall 

*Price includes shipping in Australia

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