Bamboo Serving Tongs Trio

Brought all the way from Arashiyama's bamboo forest in Kyoto, these superbly hand-crafted bamboo tongs are great for transferring small items of food. 

We don't recommend trying to lift an overgrown lamb shank or similar - but salad, asparagus, sliced fruit or cheese, sugar cubes, chocolates, Japanese pickles... you know, that kind of thing? Well these are perfect and they are very handsome and stylish of course..

The delicate tongs come with this bamboo oshibori stand (yes the type served under a rolled damp hand-towel for cleaning fingers at posh Japanese restaurants)  - we think it makes an excellent tong rest for the table. We are soooo damn innovative...

Condition : New

The longest tongs are 20 cm long, the shorter are 15cm long

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