Ume Pendant

This striking pendant in in vintage black laquerware with hand-painted gold 'plum' blossom was once part of a stunning bowl - now repurposed, as only the Japanese know how, into a piece of wearable art. 

This pendant comes with a little plastic ring for the sheer purpose of hanging it somewhere safely until you find an appropriate chain or piece of silky string, ribbon or fine leather strap to tie around your neck.  

If you are crafty, as WELL as uber-stylish,  you could in fact turn it into a very fancy keyring ! Tiffany who?



It's newly repurposed but the lacquerware is vintage so it shows the normal signs of age but , like most things in Japan, it has been well kept. There is new lacquer on the edges where it has been sanded back but the original lacquer is on the front and back - the back is plain black. Underneath the many layers of lacquer is wood - and this piece is very lightweight. 



6.5cm long and just over 3cm wide

*Price includes free shipping in Australia

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